General Rules

Electronics – Full Tree, Bracket Racing, 7.00-11.99

Super Comp – Pro Tree, 8.90 Index Racing

No-Electronics – Full Tree, Bracket Racing, 7.50 – 13.99 (No-Electronics ONLY)

Stk/SS Combo – Must be NHRA Legal Stock and Super Stock Cars

Sportsman – Full Tree, Bracket Racing, 12.00 – 21.99

Terminator Blocks, Clutches, and Accessories Junior Dragsters


General Rules:

Race Format:

Every effort will be made to give 2 time runs prior to the start of eliminations.  One race per day. Saturday and Sunday will each be separate races.  If an events is not concluded on Saturday, every effort will be made to finish in Sunday morning time runs.

All NHRA & Track Rules Apply, SCEDA Rules Supersede

SCEDA and track official reserves the right to all final decisions.