Welcome to SCEDA, Southern California Drag Racing Association.

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Our 2016 schedule is as follows: All dates at Auto Club Dragway, Fontana CA
Separate Race Each Day
January 30 & January 31 *Rained out*
April 23 & 24
May 28 & 29
July 9 & 10
August 6 & 7
December 3, 2016 – Awards Banquet


Before the 2016 season started, we stated that we would count the best 8 of 10 races.  In all our past seasons, there has been a section of the website that stated if a race cancelled or was not able to complete for any reason, those races would be counted towards the throw outs.  However, on the website redesign, that verbiage was inadvertently left off the website (It will be added back for 2017 and all future seasons).  We have not been able to secure a makeup date for the January race and we feel that with the summer heat we have been experiencing, it will be too hard on participants and cars to try to complete two races in one day and we are not going to make up the rained out race.  Our advisory board met to discuss the matter and they do not feel it fair to count the January Sunday race as a throw out, since the wording was left off the website.  Therefore for 2016, we will count 7 of 9 – still throwing out two races, with the rain out race shortening the season to 9 races.  We hope that you will agree this is the fairest solution to those that have supported the series.  We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at the races.

We will have the following classes:
Meziere Electronics
Super Comp
DNB Engineering STK/SS Combo
Terminator Block, Clutches, & Accessories Junior Dragsters – Three Age Groups


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