About Us

SCEDA started out back in the early 1970’s as the Southern California Econo Dragster Association.  SCEDA was comprised of approximately 50 members who raced a variety of “Competition Eliminator” type vehicles such as front and rear engine dragsters, altereds, street roadsters and funny cars.  SCEDA was the “economical” alternative to NHRA’s Competition Eliminator class, hence the term Econo was used in our name.

As SCEDA evolved into the Southern California Drag Racing Association, most of our members raced open wheeled dragsters.  Today, our style of handicap E.T. racing follows most closely to the National Hot Rod Association’s Sportsman, Pro, Super Pro,  Stk/Super Stock, Super Comp and Junior Dragster classifications. Any NHRA Legal Super Comp car can compete in “SCEDA Super Comp” and any NHRA Legal Stock or Super Stock Car can run in “SCEDA Stk/SS Combo”.  Our “Terminator Blocks, Clutches, and Accessories Junior Dragsters” program is designed to take the kids and turn them into championship drag racers at what ever level of competition they desire.

The focus of SCEDA has been to promote family and friendship in a competitive racing environment.

You can find past history on the old SCEDA site here.